The Must Have Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe this Autumn

We don’t know about you but the girls here at Lolo & Co love dressing for Autumn. Maybe it’s  all the fun we get to have styling all the cosy knitwear or the unlimited amount of coats we get pair with our outfits because you can never have enough coats right?

Or maybe its because Autumn is that transitional season where you can get away with bare legs and a dress with boots but you also need a stunning coat to complete the outfit.

We know one thing for sure is how much fun we have creating outfits for Autumn. The rich camels and beige tones combined with the fun pop of pink, the khaki colours and the blues that make you feel like you still have a little bit of summer with you. All make dressing for autumn that more exciting.

So if you love dressing for Autumn just as much as we do then check out some of the must have pieces to add to your wardrobe this Autumn.