Dress Like Your Favourite Gossip Girl Cast Members

Dress Like Your Favourite Gossip Girl Cast Members

Gossip Girl may have ended 10 years ago but there is no doubt that the fashion is still amazing. While rewatching Gossip Girl Aimee realised that a few of or most loved LoLo+ Co pieces could be used to recreate some of the most loved outfits from the series. 

Serena Van Der Woodsen 

While Blair may have been Queen B there is no doubt who the queen of fashion on Gossip Girl was. She may have been GG's biggest target but her fashion sense was on point. Seriously is there nothing Blake Lively can do wrong. 

Since she has so many great outfits I couldn't pick just two so I have recreated two of Serena's looks with some of our LoLo + Co Pieces. 

Blair Waldrof 

The Queen B of the Upper East Side Blair was known for her Preppy Style that screamed luxe designer fashion. While she made some questionable love choices (cough) Prince Louie (Cough) one thing she never did wrong was pick a great outfit. 

Like Serena I couldn't pick just one so I had recreate two of Blair's looks too! 


Georgina Sparks 

While Georgina Sparks may have been the Upper East Side evil queen she did have a great range of outfits. Mainly going for all black or grey tones and always with a great structured jacket. So I have found something in LoLo + Co to fit even the meanest of girls. 

Jenny Humphrey

Little J may have went from innocent chic to grungy over the course of the series but we can't help love Little J's earlier outfits. She was the queen of thrifting and getting the best possible pieces for her money and we love Quality pieces that will last you a lifetime here at LoLo + Co. 

Vanessa Abrams 

While Vanessa wasn't the most loved Character of the show she did have some great Boho outfits and I couldn't do this post without sharing the gown she wore in one episode that is the spit image of our Ted Baker Kayleigh Midi Dress! 


We hope you loved this fun little post 

xoxo LoLo + Co Team (sorry we had to ) 


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