Dress Like Your Favourite Friends Characters

Dress Like Your Favourite Friends Characters

One of Aimee's favourite shows is FRIENDS and while watching it she realised that we here at LoLo + Co can recreate Monica, Phoebe's and Rachels outfits with our range of stock. So you can dress like your favourite FRIENDS characters! 

Rachel Green 

Possibly the most fashionable of the three women Rachel Green never had a bad outfit. From working in Central Perk to working at Ralph Lauren she never took a wrong foot when it came to her outfits. 

Below we've picked out a few similar outfits so you can dress like Rachel too. 


Monica Gellar 

While Monica may be the cleanest friends she is also up there with creating great outfits from early season relaxed jeans to early 90's trends that have come back around today. We have found some replica pieces so you can be as well dressed as Monica! 

Phoebe Buffay 

Phoebe may be the most ditsy of the bunch but her outfits are boho chic and sometimes a little out there which we kinda love. Again we have picked some of out flowery and boho vibe pieces to help you recreate some of Phoebe's best outfits! 

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